ahd; Ad-Hoc Dispatcher

Create ad-hoc commands to be dispatched in their own namespace.


This package seeks to make the tedius task of creating one off bash scripts obsolete. The idea is to write an annoying command once, give it a name, and be able to recall it without an issue. It also has the benefit of namespacing commands that would normally be keywords for ease of use. See the quick-start guide for more details.


  • Execution of any valid bash/wsl commands.
  • Specification of multiple paths (including wildcards)
  • Autocomplete (*nix only; with bash, and plans to add zsh and fish later)
  • A namespace with only 3 reserved keywords (docs, register, config)
  • Cross-platform support


  • Autocompletion not supported on windows (not my fault)
  • Technically without vendoring you also can't use ahd as a command for any other purpose